Programmalijn #06: Geothermie

a.Electriciteitsopwekking door geothermie

Periode: 2010 - 2015 Terug naar het complete overzicht

Conventional geothermal energy is a source of clean energy in the Netherlands with several commercial projects being realized. Deep geothermal energy is a novel technique that has only been applied on a small scale in the world. However, the concept shows great potential due to the high temperatures from which electricity can be produced.

For electricity or steam production a suitable geological reservoir is required. The reservoir has to meet certain requirements such as depth, temperature, thickness, brittleness, secondary porosity etc. Studies on the potential of the deeper geological formations in the Netherlands have already been performed. One of the results is that the potentially most suitable reservoir for deep geothermal energy is the Zeeland Formation. These Early Carboniferous deposits consist of limestones and dolomites. They are probably present at large depths in most of the Netherlands and therefore have a high temperature. Although the primary porosity at these depths is likely to be very low, the brittleness of the carbonates makes them suitable for reservoir stimulation.

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